Terms of guarantee


In addition to the statutory regulations to defects (warranty) for purchased bike racks and their accessories, Uebler GmbH grants you a warranty of 3 years. The warranty covers the products of the Uebler brand and not the products of the Si.o brand. The time for calculating the warranty period begins on the invoice date of the purchased product. Warranty services provided do not extend the warranty period or trigger a new warranty.


The territorial coverage of warranty protection is Europe-wide.


The warranty refers to the absence of defects in the advertised product, including functionality, material or manufacturing defects. In event of  defect or the like occur during the warranty period, Uebler will provide you with one of the following services in its discretion within the scope of this warranty:


-  Free repair of the goods or

-  Free replacement of the good / component part  Replaced parts and products become the property of Uebler. 


In the event of a warranty claim, please contact your Uebler dealer or Uebler as the warrantor:


Uebler GmbH

Daimlerstr. 22
91301 Forchheim

phone: +49 (0) 9191 / 7362-0
telefax: +49 (0) 9191 / 7362-77


Warranty claims are excluded in the event of damage to the goods caused by:

- regular wear and tear
-  improper handling or misuse
-  Non-observance safety precautions
-  Repair attempts on your own  
-  for wear parts older than 1 year after invoice date


The following parts are defined as wear parts:

toothed belts, ratchets, srews and lockable twist grips from the holder, light bulbs, quick-action clamps.


Requirement for claiming the warranty service is that you enable Uebler to examine the warranty claim (e.g. by your Uebler specialised dealer or by sending the relevant good).  Care must be taken to make sure that damage to the goods during transport to Uebler is avoided by secure packaging.  In order to apply for the warranty, a copy of the invoice and, if available, the serial number of the affected product must be attached to the shipment.


Without these documents or information, Uebler must refuse to provide the warranty. This warranty does not limit your statutory rights against Uebler from the concluded purchase contract. This guarantee promise does not affect any existing statutory warranty rights against Uebler.


Stand 03/2020