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Questions about towbar bike racks

How long is the manufacturer's warranty?

The warranty period (warranty) is 3 years from the date of purchase (excluding wear parts). Please note the detailed warranty conditions, which are attached to each of our products in writing.

What are the requirements for my towbar?

In order to be able to use a towbar bike rack, the towbar must have a minimum towbar load of50 kg and a D-value of at least 5.3 kN.


You can find more information about the maximum load capacity in our catalog (page 20/21) – or at one of our regional specialist dealers.
Please also note: The material of the towbar should have steel grade St52-3 or equivalent. Towbars made of solid aluminium cannot be used.

What does the D-value mean?

The D-value describes the strength of the connection between the towbar and the towing vehicle. It is measured in kilonewtons (kN). The D-value of your towbar is usually shown in the related documents - or directly on your towbar.  If in doubt, ask your vehicle manufacturer or garage that retrofitted the towbar.

Can I use a bike rack if my towbar is made of aluminum?

If the towbar is made entirely of aluminum, the use of an Uebler bicycle carrier is not possible.

If the ball head and the first approx. 3 cm of the towbar neck are made of steel and only the rest is made of aluminum, bike racks from Uebler can be used.

What should I do if my vehicle has a 7-pin socket?

Basically, current vehicles usually have a 13-pin socket. If your vehicle still has a 7-pin socket installed, you will need an additional adapter (intermediate piece) from 7-pin to 13-pin connection. These are available at any well-sorted car accessories dealer.

What is the maximum size / minimum size of the bicycles?

You will find the information "Maximum wheelbase of the bike" in the technical data of each bike carrier.


The specification refers to the maximum distance between the front and rear axles (hub center) of the bike. You can easily check this indication (cm) on your bike using a tape measure or folding rule.


We have decided for this simple and unambiguous measurement method, because especially with e-bikes (due to the placement of the batteries) the frames are stretched and the inch size is no longer sufficient to give you precise information here.


The minimum size (e.g. children's bike) is 80 cm wheelbase. The maximum size is 130 cm for the i,  X & F series (125 cm for the P series).

Which bike rack can I use to open the tailgate?

Tilting-back Uebler bike carriers offer different opening angles- from 60 to 90 degrees. For "regular" station wagons or SUVs, an opening angle of 60 degrees is usually sufficient. For vehicles with particularly deep-drawn tailgates (e.g. VW T5/T6; MB V-Class), you need an opening angle of at least 90 degrees.


Because bike carriers are not vehicle-specific add-on parts, and especially in vehicles with deep-drawn tailgates, the towbars are often installed at different heights, we recommend that you visit one of our specialist dealers in case of doubt and take a binding test installation there.


You can easily find the nearest regional specialist dealer via our dealer search.

If the carrier frame on my bike rack has white discoloration, what should I do?

The possible viewable discolouration at the bending points on the carrier frame can be traced back to microscopic cracks in the anodised aluminium surface (protective layer with aluminium manufacturing process) of the used aluminium tubing. These occur during the bending process of the aluminium profiles and are unavoidable. However the aluminium is not damaged or affected by this.


You can wipe away this discolouration easily using a cloth and a few drops of oil.

Can the parking aid (DISTANCE CONTROL) be retrofitted?

The installation of the reversing warning system requires an intervention in the wiring harness of the lights to connect the system. This alteration cannot be done retrospectively.


In addition, the retrofit requires the later insertion of holes and rivets in the carrier flap to attach the radio transmitter. The drilling and riveting cannot be done retrospectively.


Also the positioning and attachment of the sensors in the license plate holder cannot be adjusted afterwards.

Can I use the DC version if my vehicle has a 7-pin connection?



In a 7-pin E-set, there is no connection for the reversing light.
This means that a DC version cannot be used on this vehicle.

How large does the license plate have to be?

52x11 cm


Important/safety-relevant information for towbar bike racks

How fast can I drive a towbar bike rack?

All Uebler bike racks are approved for a speed of up to 130 km/h.


Do I need to pay attention to the positioning of my vehicle's exhaust system?

Depending on the type of vehicle, the towbar bike rack or the bicycles may be placed too close to the vehicle's exhaust system. The hot exhaust pipe and/or hot exhaust gases can damage the bike rack and/or bicycles.


In this case, the bike rack is not suitable for use.

How do I clean/maintain my towbar bike rack?

Quick-action clamps and carrier frames must be cleaned regularly or with soap water in case of soiling/stiffness (see also mounting/operating instructions).


The screw threads in the holders  must be regularly cleaned and greased so that the twist grips do not seize up.

What can be transported with a towbar bike carrier?

The bike rack for the towbar is only suitable for the transport of bicycles.


Do bicycle accessories need to be removed for transport?

Before mounting, remove child seats and all loose parts such as water bottles, saddlebags and E-bike batteries from the bicycles and put them away.


Can tarpaulins be used during transport?

During transport do not cover the bicycles with tarpaulins or protective covers as this greatly affects the driving by increasing the area exposed to the wind.


Can I use a towbar bike rack for four bicycles on my vehicle?

In this case, it should always be checked in the vehicle's owner's manual whether the vehicle manufacturer restricts the approval for the installation of a towbar bike rack for four bicycles in combination with a belt set to be attached to the tailgate.


Vehicles with a plastic rear spoiler have a note in the owner's manual.

Can I use a towbar bike rack if my vehicle has a vertical rear (e.g. VW T5/T6, VW Caddy, Mercedes V-Class...)?

It should be noted that (depending on the towbar installed and the handlebar installed on the 1st bike) the handlebar of the 1st bike has to be rotated for mounting/fastening, otherwise the handlebar will stand at the rear of the vehicle and damage may occur.


In addition, it can happen that (depending on the handlebar installed on the 2nd bike) the towbar bike rack cannot be tilted back completely. Here the handlebar of the 2nd bike has to be rotated or the 2nd bike has to be removed in order to be able to open the tailgate.

General questions

Where can I get Uebler products or accessories and/or spare parts?

You can find our products at your local specialist shop.  Our dealers are professionals in car accessories and/or bicycle & e-bike. You receive personal advice on-site and can convince yourself of the quality and functionality of our products.  And even if you need accessories or a single spare part, the regional specialist dealer will also help you competently.


To find the dealers nearby, simply use our "dealer search" on our website.

Where are Uebler products manufactured?

All our products are consistently developed and produced in Germany. We manufacture most of the components in our own factory. But we also focus on quality when it comes to purchased parts:  These also come from tested, domestic suppliers who guarantee the highest manufacturing quality to us. 


Therfore every Uebler product is really "Made in Germany" - GUARANTEED!

Is it permitted to make technical changes to Uebler products?

Technical modifications are not permitted and will result in the expiry of the European operating permit.

Is there a factory outlet?

We do not offer a typical "factory outlet". Our products are sold exclusively by our specialist dealers.

To find the dealers nearby, simply use our "Dealer Search" on our website.

What are the opening hours / availability times?

We are available on the phone:


Monday - Thursday:     9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.         1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Friday:                         9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


Phone:      +49 (0) 9191 7362-0
Fax:          +49 (0) 9191 7362-77

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